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Koronavirus / corona virus

Teknisk feil koronavaksine-bestilling aldersgruppe 40-44 skal nå være rettet.

Koronainformasjon på norsk

Corona information in English  

ትግርኛ   العربية  Ikinyarwanda  Soomaali 

Corona virus information in other languages

ትግርኛ  (tigrinja) ,  العربية (arabisk) , Ikinyarwanda (kinyarwanda)Soomaali (somalisk) 

Book corona test Rissa

  • If you feel ill, stay home and order a corona test. If you  need individual health advice, contact the doctor's office: tel.
    (+47) 41 70 24 00 (key selection 1). Do not show up physically at the doctor's office without an appointment.
  • If you need emergency health care, call 116117. In the event of a life-threatening illness or injury, call 113.  
  • If you are healthy, but have questions about coronavirus, go to helsenorge.no to find answers to your questions (see list of languages further down the page), or call (+47) 815 55 015.

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Corona vaccine

Corona test

Regulations and recommendations 

Quarantine rules

Information in other languages from the national authorities

Are you in contact with people who do not speak Norwegian?

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Download information about corona and vaccination Norwegian (PDF, 280 kB)

Download information about corona and vaccination English (PDF, 204 kB)

Download information about coorna and vaccination Arabic (PDF, 172 kB)

Download information about corona and vaccination Tigrinja (PDF, 144 kB)

Download informaton about corona and vaccination Kinyarwanda (PDF, 149 kB)

Lag vaksinetimeavtale engelsk, arabisk, tigrinja, kinyarwanda (DOCX, 79 kB)


Corona test

Do you have symptoms of coronavirus? For other languages, see fhi.no

If you do have symptoms, do not go to work, school, shops, public transport etc. Stay at home and order a test:

Book your appointment online

You need electronic ID to log in. You may also call the doctor's office: (+47)  41 70 24 00.

You do not need to have a residential address in Indre Fosen to be tested. Everyone who stays in the municipality, e.g. tourists, can contact the doctor's office for testing.

Testing is carried out at the airway clinic at Rissa doctor's office, Årnsetveien 35, Rissa. Testing takes place mainly on weekdays during the doctor's office's opening hours. You have to make an appointment before you show up for testing.

Summer opening hours: From week 27 (5 July), the Respiratory Clinic will be open for corona testing only three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In the event of a corona outbreak in Indre Fosen, we will increase the opening hours as needed. In case of symptoms or questions or tests before travelleing, please call the doctor's office on +47 41 70 24 00 which determines whether a test must be taken on the same day or if it can wait until the next day.

When you have an appointment to take a coronal test, it is important that you stay in your car until you are called on your mobile. Once you have been called, enter the door of the respiratory clinic located at the transverse end of the building. Do not enter the reception or waiting room at the doctor's office when taking a coronal test.

You will get the test results within a few days. If you have a profile on helsenorge.no, you may check the results yourself. If not, you have to contact the doctor's office +47  41 70 24 00. In case of a positive result, you will be contacted by local health service. 

National regulations and advice translated

Rules and recommendations: National measures to tackle the pandemic (helsenorge.no)


In addition to these national measures, Indre Fosen kommune recommend that you:

  • Avoid travel to and visits from areas with high infection.
  • If you are going to have a visit from an area with a high infection, the visitor must follow the rules that apply in their municipality, if they are stricter than the measures in Indre Fosen. 
  • Think about how many you are in contact with during a week. Although it now opens up for larger events and more activity, the sum of people you meet over a period of time will have a major impact on the extent of an outbreak if it turns out that you are unlucky enough to be infected with coronavirus.
  • Take a test if in doubt. Have a low threshold for ordering a coronary test if you are ill or suspect that you may be exposed to infection. Read more about testing and order here. 

Travel to Norway

Entry rules translated: https://www.helsenorge.no/fr/coronavirus/travel-to-norway

Corona vaccine 

About the vaccine

General vaccine information several languages 

The vaccine is free of charge and we will not ask you for bank details or payment when we contact you offering vaccination. 

There are various companies that develop the corona vaccine. At the moment (July 2021), Indre Fosen provide the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech: https://www.fhi.no/contentassets/84522abb591f4bc0b6abe09baf4234e0/vedlegg/engelsk-english_vaksine_biontech-og-pfizer.pdf

When will you be offered the vaccine?

Vaccination status Group 10 almost completed - Klikk for stort bilde There is not enough vaccine for everyone at the same time. Therefore, we offer vaccines to Indre Fosen residents in an order decided by the government. The order is primarily based on age. But health and occupation are also relevant. We offer vaccine to residents and people from other countries who work in Indre Fosen, but not tourists. You can see the national priority list on this website: https://www.fhi.no/en/id/vaccines/coronavirus-immunisation-programme/who-will-get-coronavirus-vaccine-first/

In Indre Fosen, we do not know for sure when we can offer vaccines to whom. But we have made an overview of what we believe based on what we know.

How to book an appointment for vaccination

When we have a vaccine to offer residents in your age group, we send an SMS to your mobile phone (if you are registered as a resident in (National population register). The text message states that you can go to a website: https://timebestilling.remin.no/indre_fosen (Norwegian language). Log in with an electronic ID and select the place and time for vaccination. If you do not have a Norwegian electronic ID or for other reasons cannot use the website, you may contact Indre Fosen kommune on telephone (+47) 74 85 51 00. Inform the operator if you'll need an interpreter when you have your vaccine appointment. We use authorised interpreters. 

When will you receive the vaccine?

Unfortunately, we do not have a definite answer as to when Indre Fosen can offer corona vaccine to whom. It all depends on how big the deliveries are from week to week. The overview below is therefore only an estimate, not a guarantee. Foreign workers in Indre Fosen may also take the vaccine here according to the age/risk groups. 

Are you in group 1-10 and still hasn't received any invitation to corona vaccination from Indre Fosen kommune?

Call (+47) 74 85 51 00 to book your appointment. 

Week 28 (July 15): Vaccination group 9 + invitations to group 10

  • Group 9: Age 45 to 54 years.
  • We have sent sms-invitations to group 9. If you're in this age group, but still hasn't received any invitation, call (+47) 74 85 51 00 to book your appointment. 
  • Group 10: Ages 18-24 years and 40-44 years. We will distribute sms-invitations to this group in week 10. 
  • Please note that we do not make further contact after the sms mailing. It is up to the person himself to book an appointment.
  • This week vaccination day is Thursday the 15th. 

Week 29 and 30 (july 23 and 30): Group 10 continues + group 11


  • Group 10: Ages 18-24 years and 40-44 years
  • Group 11: Ages 25-39 years (will receive invitation July 16)
  • Please note that until group 8-11, we do not make further contact after the sms mailing. It is up to the person himself to book an appointment.
  • Vaccination is only in Rissahallen July 23 and 30.


Where are the vaccination facilites?

When you book an appointment, you choose either Rissahallen or Smia. In addition, select the date and time. Rissahallen is the red building above Åsly school in the center of Rissa. Smia is located next to Johan Bojer school in Leksvik. Note that July 23rd and 30th we only keep Rissahallen open for vaccination. 

It is important that you show up at your vaccine appointment

If you become ill or for other reasons are unable to attend the agreement, you must notify by telephone 74 85 51 00.

You must remember this on the day you are going to be vaccinated

  • When you meet the vaccine appointment, wear clothes that allow the nurse to easily access top of your upper arm.
  • Bring identification.
  • Do not meet if you are ill. Keep a distance from others and wear a face mask. You can be bandaged by the staff if you do not bring your own.
  • If you have not booked the appointment digitally, you must fill in a self-declaration form. See self-declaration form in several languages:
  • The corona vaccine is given in two doses. Once you have received the vaccine, you will also receive an appointment for dose 2.
  • After receiving the vaccine, sit down and wait before returning home. You will be told how long to sit down.
  • Side effects: Read more about common side effects and when you should contact a doctor.


If you have any questions about the vaccination programme in Indre Fosen or you need help to book your appointment, call (+47) 74 85 51 00

Information in other languages from the Norwegian health authorities

Are you in contact with people who do not speak Norwegian?

In the front desk at rådhuset in Rissa /Rådhusveien 13), you can pick up paper cards in different languages ​​with a QR code and a link to Helsenorge's pages with updated information about coronavirus.

Indre Fosen kommune's information in other languages

Indre Fosen kommune’s website www.indrefosen.kommune.no can be translated into a number of languages using Google translate. If you are on a PC, you will find the language button in the right corner on the top. Translate is not available for mobile phone.