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New measures to prevent local corona outbreak

According to new regulations, the following rules will apply in the period 11 to 17 February:

Norwegian text

According to the regulations, the following rules will apply from 11 February:

Se hele forskriften for detaljer, unntak og presiseringer om hvert punkt (PDF, 85 kB) (in Norwegian)

  • No alcohol served after 22:00 hours / 10 pm in restaurants, pubs etc
  • Registration of all customers at restaurants and in taxis
  • Number limitation in stores and shopping centers so that customers can keep a distance of one meter at any time
  • Mandatory use of face masks on public transport, taxis, shops / malls, in restaurants, in religious and philosophical houses and in premises for cultural, fitness, sports and leisure activities hairdresser, skin care, tattoo and piercing services, etc.

The obligation to wear a face mask does not apply to children under 12 years of age, or persons who for health or other reasons cannot wear a face mask.

Even though the regulations come into force today, you should of course have time to buy a face mask if you do not already have this.

Indre Fosen municipality also recommends:

  • Avoid unnecessary travel across municipal boundaries, especially to Trondheim and to the other municipalities in the Trondheim region
  • Use a home office when this is practically possible and appropriate based on the nature of the work
  • Be restrained with private visits
  • Gyms should only allow activity and training for members of the same municipality and not allow trial or guest classes. The registration system for gyms must be suitable for infection tracking for the next 14 days.
  • Organized leisure activities and exercise for adults should be avoided

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Why is Indre Fosen kommune introducing these measures?

In recent days, corona infection has been detected without a known source of infection in Trondheim. Two variants of the mutated virus have been identified, the British and the South African, and there is thus potential for the spread and negative development of the infection situation both in Trondheim and in the Trondheim region. This is a different situation than infection with the common variant of the coronavirus, as the mutated variants spread much faster. 

A number of municipalities in Trøndelag have close contacts or people with increased risk associated with the outbreaks in Trondheim, including Indre Fosen. The State Administrator, the Norwegian Directorate of Health and FHI recommend short-term measures to get an overview of the situation in Trondheim, in the first instance for a week, possibly with an extension for another week.

A meeting was held on 10 February with the municipalities in the Trondheim region, to discuss joint infection control measures. It is agreed that the municipalities around Trondheim benefit from having as similar measures as possible, even though they are not exactly identical to Trondheim's.

Since the start of the corona pandemic, Indre Fosen municipality has dealt with national guidelines and has only made local recommendations, without adopting its own regulations on infection control measures. Following a meeting of the municipality's crisis management on 10 February, it is nevertheless recommended that Indre Fosen follow the other municipalities in the Trondheim region and adopt regulations on infection control measures. This is professionally supported by the municipal chief physician and infection control physician, who participate in the crisis management.